Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy Happy

Blaise survived his RSV/synagis shot on Wednesday night just fine We bumped it up a night early because I was a bit worried about this cold he has been fighting. They reassured me it was just a cold, but even today it still hasn't shown much improvement.

Blaise's appointment at Children's went very good!!  He sat through everything as perfect as we could expect. Hardly any tears!!  He was such an angel and we are very proud of him! The ECHO was reviewed by Dr. Danford, and he said he was doing very good and the Glenn was working just like it should! Hoorah!!! He said he didn't need to see him for six months!! WOW! That will make it early next fall. Everyone thought he looked just great. His SAT levels were only at the 81-80 mark, which of course made this mom VERY nervous, but Dr. Danford said that Glenn kids run a little lower and with his cold this should be just fine. A normal human's is at 100, and even some Glenn kids can be int he lower 90's. Ideally the upper 80's would have sounded a bit better.

Other than that, he weighed in at 18 lbs 4 oz (15%) and height was right at 50%!

On the way to the appointment I read an article about a lady with the exact same heart defect, who is now 30 years old and works at Children's Hospital in Boston. How awesome! 

Thank you to each and every one of you for your prayers before this appointment! God heard them just like always! 

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