Monday, February 25, 2013

Doctors Appointments This Week!

Well, no matter how much we tried to keep him healthy, Blaise officially has a full-blown cold. I guess the only one to blame is myself, as I somehow got it first. I'm really not sure how a family that NEVER goes anywhere gets sick, but it even hit us. Thankfully, I'm now over mine and hoping Blaise can kick his in the rear soon too. He has been super congested, and not sleeping well at night. With how much fear the doctors put in us of not going anywhere or letting him get sick, I'm a little on edge with this. As long as it doesn't go to his lungs and turn into RSV or pneumonia we should be okay. Extra prayers for healing!

Thursday Blaise will drop by his pediatrician and have his February round of Synagis, the shot to protect against RSV. Friday is the BIG appointment at Children's with his Cardiologist Dr. Danford. We haven't seen cardio since November, and of course I am very very anxious and nervous for these appointments. I've decided they'll never get easier. We ask for everyone to join us in sending up prayers to God for a great appointment, that his heart function looks great, his SAT levels are also great and in the lower 90's or upper 80's!!! Things can change so quickly for him, and we pray that he looks as great as he did in November! 

The squirt decided the last time he was at the pedi that doctors are NOT his thing. WOW! What a temper and fit this kid can throw! A pinched nurse, broken tongue depressor and lots of tears later we made it out. Friday is going to be a very, very long day. Blaise will be shuffled from office to office, and endure a half hour or longer ECHO of his heart. Essentially there is no pain associated with this- it's just like getting an ultrasound done, but knowing how scared he is of strangers and strange places, I foresee a half hour scream session in front of us. This is not good because they need him to be as still and quiet as possible to get good pictures. 

We will be updating as soon as the appointment is over to let everyone know how it goes. Ideally, we'd love to hear we wouldn't need to be back for six months! That would be the longest we have gone! Thanks in advance prayer warriors!

Tonight, Blaise learned how to "throw" for the first time! So much fun! I love watching him learn new things and the excitement that goes with it! Easily this is the best part of being a parent! We've not progressed any further on eating table food. I keep trying new things each night, and hopefully he will eventually get used to something being in his mouth.


  1. Our iPad was a lifesaver during echos! We would have a bunch of you tube videos/sesame street songs all ready to go and Charlotte hardly paid attention to the echo tech. Thinking of you guys and hoping you get the ok for 6 free months!