Monday, March 18, 2013

Look Out World!

Look out world! Blaise is making his grand appearances! Not quite, but we are venturing out little by little. This weekend he got to experience Hy-Vee and Valentino's in Fremont. On Sunday he went to the 4-H Pancake feed in Oakland. He takes all of these new experiences in stride, and for the most part is a very very good little boy. I was a little worried about how he would react to all of these new things, and thought he might get very scared and cry. Instead, he is very interested and intrigued by it all. He is doing great!

We are slowly but surely trying to get this table food thing figured out. Jessica, his babysitter, was able to get him to eat almost half a banana today, and tonight I fed him some Gerber baby ravioli things that he did really good with. We are getting there!

Here are a few pictures.

 Eating food- very messy!
 Sampling mashed potatoes at Valentinos!
 Got my green on for St. Patricks Day.
Meeting the cows. I yelled and talked to them. Lots. 

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