Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy Fall Ya'll

Well, I'm sure you are all waiting on pins and needles for the next Blaise Blog update! Trust me, if I was able to sit down at the computer more often, I would definitely get some more posts made. This little boy keeps me hopping, and I love it!

Blaise was a cow for Halloween. He seemed to very much enjoy it! On the Saturday before Halloween, we went to my parents in Treynor so they could see him in all of his attire. We got to go to great Aunt Gail's house on Saturday night to celebrate Great Grandpa Herb's birthday. 

On Halloween, Blaise, Grandma Peg and I went to the Trick or Treat event on main street in Oakland. Blaise got to stroll along with about 300 other kiddos and gather candy. (Well, we did more strolling, and not very much candy-gathering but it was lots of fun!) We visited a few more friends too. Overall, he seemed to more or less looking at all of the people and didn't mind his costume too much. He did scream for a few minutes the first time, and I jokingly sent a text picture to Grandpa Stew asking if he and his other vet friends could cure this "mad cow". 

His favorite thing is to grab his toes and feet these days. He always has them in his hands, up in the air, near his mouth. He really does learn something new everyday. I think he is trying to talk "babble" a little more again lately.

He's flow-blown eating just about any type of baby food that is made. He thoroughly enjoys them all, and everyone who gets to change is diapers thoroughly  doesn't! HA! He drinks water from a sippy cup now too.

This past weekend we took our first overnight visit to Aunt Jenna and Uncle Mitch's in Des Moines. They bought their house the same time Blaise was born, and I had never been to see it. I hadn't actually been to Des Moines in an entire year! As I was driving down the insterstate with my parents, I was commenting how besides going to Omaha or Treynor, I hadn't been ANYWHERE else in the last six months. Wow. Time has been flying, and I guess we are somewhat in our "own little world" but enjoying every minute of it!

Blaise did super awesome on the trip. He is the center of attention anywhere we go- imagine that! Grandpa Craig babysat at Jenna's all day on Saturday while my mom, sister and I did our annual Christmas shopping trip to the Williamsburg outlets. The two of them went on lots of walks, and enjoyed looking out Jenna's big windows into her backyard. Grandpa Craig commented he was surprised that we could shop for almost 10 hours straight. We all had a great time!

Last Sunday Mike was home long enough that he was able to join us to get some family pictures taken in Omaha. I'm anxious to see how the turned out since it's the first time we've had pictures of the three of us.

Blaise is also starting to lift his rear off the floor when he is on his stomach. I honestly think we might have a crawler by Christmas!

We got official word that he was approved by insurance for the Synagis/ RSV shots! YEA!!

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