Friday, November 30, 2012

Early Christmas Gift!

Blaise's appointment went really good today! He weighed in today at 16.1, yesterday at the pediatrician he was 15.7, so he is somewhere around there. Dr. Danford even thought we could stop fortifying his feeds now. His ECHO went really good. I was able to hold him, so he only fussed a little bit. This takes about twenty minutes or so to do, so I'm glad he behaved so good! He liked pulling on all of his cords and holding the wand and the echo tech's hand during it.  Dr. Danford reviewed what the ECHO showed, and said everything was looking very good, and his heart was performing as it should for its anatomy. We are still right on track for the Fontan surgery around age 2-4. His saturation levels were as high as 99 on the reader, and as low as 82 when he was moving. They took the number as 89- which is great!  Dr. Danford said we wouldn't need to come back for another six months! I told him I wasn't sure I could make it that long (haha) so we are going back in March right before he turns one.

The blood draw for genetic testing was probably the worst part of the day- Blaise hated it! It's so terrible watching your child get blood drawn. I'd give him twenty shots over having to do that again! We will find out the results in about two weeks.

Blaise also got his second flu shot and first synagis/rsv shot yesterday at the pediatrician. We are so ready to celebrate this Christmas season!

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