Thursday, September 20, 2012

Super Fast September!

I think a little more routine and slice of "normal" life enters our world each day! This past weekend Blaise ventured out to his first restaurant Fernando's in Blair with mom and dad. He looked around and took it all in just staring in amazement. The waitress commented on how good he was! We went to church on Saturday night as a family. Blaise was babysat in Treynor on Tuesday by Grandma Donna and I snuck into Ak-Sar-Ben to help a bit on Tuesday night before the rodeo next weekend. Blaise is on the tail-end of his Amoxicillin for his cold and cough which seems to be improving. Just a little cough now and then.

His development is going really good. He can roll over to his back from his stomach all of the time now. We have to put him on his stomach as he hasn't quite figure out how to roll there, but he is getting so very close. He rolls to his sides to reach for toys, it will probably only be a matter of time. He sits really well with assistance, but not on his own quite yet. We are heading back to Treynor this weekend so I can help set up for River City Rodeo, and then back to Oakland Monday- Wednesday. Thurs- Sun we will be in Omaha helping at the rodeo and staying at the Hilton. Blaise and I will be shuffling around quite a bit as Grandmas take turn babysitting and I come back to Oakland to work during the day. Wish us all luck. I'm super leery and nervous about having Blaise in a hotel room and getting sick. Asking everyone for extra prayers that this does not happen and that the weekends ahead go smoothly.

We are slowly trying to wean Blaise of the thickener used in his bottles as the FDA has put out some warnings against it. It's a slow process, but we are hoping he is back to regular bottles in the next two weeks or so.

We are still trying to think of a Halloween costume- any ideas!?!


  1. He should be a pumpkin!

  2. So happy to keep seeing updates. Sounds like things are really going well at home. WONDERFUL! I remember the first time we took Charlotte out to a restaurant...her eyes were HUGE and she couldn't stop looking around. It was like a whole new world for our little girl who was always on germ lock down!

  3. Either you are super busy or you changed your phone number. I have texted several times, but I'm not sure if you are getting them. You'll have to text me when you read this. I have a pretty cute brand-new bat costume he can have if you think he'll fit 6-12 months. Just let me know. Glad to hear his little cold is getting better! Sending prayers your way as always!