Monday, September 3, 2012

Welcomed to the Church

What an awesome weekend we had! Blaise was formally welcomed into our church on Sunday! Blaise was lucky enough to actually be baptized in the hospital by Father Paul, the same night that he was born. We had talked before and wanted Blaise to be baptized as soon as possible, and Fr. Paul was generous enough to come down at about 8 p.m. that night to do the baptism. We always knew, however, that we wanted to do a formal ceremony at the church since Mike and I were the only two present when he was originally baptized.

With our lives starting to become a bit more normal, Blaise getting clearance to go places like church, we decided to have his baptism this weekend.

So, on Sunday our families all got together and Blaise was formally welcomed into the Catholic church. Blaise is God's baby, and each day it seems like there are great lessons and explanations to why God chose this path for the three of us. What a great testimate to his strength and healing powers, the power of prayer and more that Blaise is now almost 5 months old and a member of our church! There were many times since January that we weren't sure if this day would ever be possible.

Grandpa Craig and Uncle Adam came up on Thurs, Fri and Sat and along with Dad and Grandpa Stew built a new deck on the front of our house and stained the old deck.

Blaise got to meet Uncle Garrett, Aunt Kari and his cousins Ashlinn, Cooper and Parker for this first time.  Both Great-Grandpa's were able to make the trip and be here for the special day.

Blaise's godparents are Uncle Adam, Uncle Garrett, Uncle Tyler and Aunt Jenna. Blaise was very good during church and slept in Dad's arms through it all.

He has started to eat better over the weekend. He was up to 140 cc's every three hours. For us, that is HUGE! He almost seems like a different baby and we could actually feel some of the stress of the last 6 months starting to slide away this weekend. Mike left this afternoon for a week on the road, and of course the little stinker was back down to 110 for the last two feedings for mom. I know he has it in him to do more though!

Thanks for your prayers! And thanks for joining us on our journey through this blog!

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