Thursday, June 16, 2016

Surgery updates

849: update Blaise is back in the recovery room with us. His heart did great during surgery. He was very stable and oxygen saturations are ranging in the mid 80's which is great!! He's still very sleepy and out of it, so we will let him rest. We are beyond grateful to our wonderful friends family and communities for the prayers and support! This kiddo keeps showing us how incredible he is, and God's blessed us more than we can imagine!
740: update Praise the Lord! When the surgeon got in and put him under the serious issue requiring three hour surgery corrected itself when he was fully under and relaxed. They will not be performing surgery on this!!!!! So the simpler 1/2 hour surgery is all that's needed. He's doing good. Prayers work, miracles happen daily!
F7:00 am update We were up early at 445 and checked in by 530. Blaise was very nervous and scared. He watched Peterson farm brothers on iPad. They did give him some verses about 10 minutes before they took him and it's starting to kick in. He cried as they wheeled him away, but nurse came back to say he had quit. His nurse in operating room is named peg and her grandkids call her Mona peg just like Blaise does!!! Great sign!!!! We are waiting for first updates and will continue to update this blog post at the top. We know he's in God's hands and all will go fine!!! Thanks for the prayers!

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