Friday, June 10, 2016

One week away!!

Hard to believe it's less than a week until Blaise's surgery. A quick update as to what's been happening. Sutton came down with a fever Sunday night and Monday and I immediately freaked out hoping Blaise wouldn't get it. Her temp was at 104 even on medicine. After squeezing in a quick stop at the pediatrician on Monday and an amox prescription, we headed to Omaha to get professional pics of the kids. I felt bad making a super sick Sutton go through it, but I really wanted pictures of Blaise before surgery. Luckily by Tuesday afternoon Sutton was back to normal and Blaise played in his first t ball game that night!! We are so proud of him he did great. This is the only game he'll get to do as he wont be able to after surgery. Wednesday night we ran to pediatrician for his pre-op apt. He weighed 31.6 lbs at 11% percentile and 40 inches I think 35%. He also did his preschool physical. He passed for surgery as long as he stays healthy. After his appointment Mike and I took both kids to the pool to squeeze in as much pool time before he can't swim for four weeks. Thursday night the kids and I went swimming again. Blaise has also been super timid in the water but is blowing bubbles and jumping in from the side. Sutton is unstoppable in the water and loves every second. 

We are currently in the car headed to Wichita Kansas for a wedding this weekend. We ask for continued prayers this weekend for great family time and continued health of Blaise leading up to surgery. We have pre checked in over the phone and have our room reserved at the rainbow house for Wednesday  night since we have to be at children's at 5:30 am Thursday. We also have our fetal echo Wednesday at children's so prayers for a healthy baby as well. 

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