Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Heart Day 2014

Heart Day 2014 is almost upon us! February marks Congenital Heart Disease awareness month, and the 7-14th are specifically dedicated to raising awareness of this disease that effects 1 in 100 babies born. This year, we took Blaise to his first Midwest Heart Connection Kids Banquet night last Saturday night. He loved it! It is where kids and parents of kids with CHD get together to celebrate. Blaise loved playing/laying in the bounce house. He couldn't quite figure out how to stand and jump in it, but I had a hard time figuring out how I was going to get him out without climbing in it myself. He also got a balloon puppy made for him by a clown. We ate dinner with everyone, there was a magician and then a dance for all the kids. He loved the dance floor, and one little girl loved him. They held hands and danced and she kept chasing him around the dance floor. He kept trying to run away- I think he had enough of the little girl!
We are again asking all of our friends and family to help us celebrate Blaise on Friday- Valentines Day by wearing red. You can send us your photos, or put them on Facebook and tag Mike and I. We appreciate everyone's support and are reminded so many times during heart month how precious these little lives are. We pray everyday for God to keep Blaise's heart healthy and thank him each morning.
Blaise got his synagis shot tonight and he did not like it. For this first time instead of just crying he yelled owie owie owie!  Breaks my heart!!
Here are a few Christmas photos- I'm still trying to play catch- up!

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