Sunday, February 16, 2014

A parade of photos

Ok, here is an update of photos from October!! Phew!   Thanks for being patient!! I'll try much harder to stay up - to - date. 

For now, I'll blame my lack of updates on a new little surprise in our lives. Blaise would like you all to know that he is going to be the world's greatest big brother in July!!! Baby Hartwell Round 2 is due July 21st!  

Hopefully now that we are past the first trimester I'll get some energy and time back to do things like update the blog!

Thanks for the continued prayers for Blaise's heart and the new ones we ask for a healthy new baby.

Halloween with Grandpa and Grandma Sudmann
 Mom and I
 A night at Texas Roadhouse in November with mom and dad
 Dad's home from trucking. Walking across the yard after helping him drive and put his truck away.
 Children's Hospital ER visit on Thanksgiving

The great Christmas Tree hunt 2013

 In Kansas City with Grandma Donna and Aunt Jenna.

 Got into mom's makeup and eyeliner.
 Meeting Santa at Bass Pro Shop
 Grandpa Grandma and GG at Christmas
 Look Santa came!
 Me and cousin Parker
 Just looking cute

 Trying on mom's shoes
 Helping feed the cows
 Fixing my tractor
 Visiting Aunt Jenna
 Someone emptied out all the pots and pans
 Eating French fries on a date with mom at McDonalds

 Eating at the Heart Banquest
 Dancing with a new friend at the Heart Banquet
 Bath time
 Valentines Day 2014

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