Thursday, September 5, 2013

More Fair, More Fun, Future Appointment

August continued to roll fast and furious through the days! Michael, Blaise and I headed with my parents to Des Moines to visit Jenna and Mitch and go to the Iowa State Fair. We had an awesome time. Blaise did super fabulous! He took a short tap while we were there, but didn't miss out on much at all! Thankfully it was a pretty decent weather day. We saw all the animals, watched part of the Bill Riley Talent Show, ate at the Pork Tent, and Blaise got to stand in the cattle show ring. We had a really, really great time in Des Moines and hanging out with our family. Mike's birthday was spent visiting my parents in Treynor, as my aunt and uncle were traveling through town from Nashville on their way to Jackson Hole. We had fun catching up with them! Labor Day weekend was a little low key, we went to some friends to watch the Nebraska Game, Blaise got to hold his first own ice cream cone, we headed to  Sudmann family reunion in Treynor and then Blaise and I stayed at my parents on Labor Day and we went shopping all day! He did really great. Blaise has spent the week in Treynor as my parents babysit him, and I have drove back and forth to Oakland for work. He LOVES the farm. Seriously. The kid is a true farm boy. I don't think he even wanted to come home tonight. He also loves his grandparents more than his mom I think! He got to pet the horses multiple times a day, ride on the Ranger, ride on the Tractor numerous times, go to the park and shop with Grandma. He got his haircut last night and it is super cute!

We are asking all of our prayer warriors to say extra prayers as Blaise goes to his six month cardiology appointment on Tuesday. I'm anxiously awaiting for this appointment to be done! We are praying for excellent and news and to hopefully not have to go back again for another six months!! I hope to hear that he has blown them away with how great he is doing! Thanks in advance for all of your extra prayers. No parent should ever have to go through the stress of taking their child to cardiology appointments and waiting on pins and needles to hear the results. It's pretty hard to explain or put into words the thoughts, fears and anxiety of going through it. In addition, hearing Blaise screaming hysterically and sobbing as he is scared to death of the doctors and has no idea what they are doing to him, and we can't explain it. Phew. Ready for Tuesday to be over and for us to send more praises to God for this little miracle!! In Him we Trust!

I wish I had pictures to share, but I just purchased a brand new computer, and CAN NOT figure out how to use it!! If anyone has advice on Windows 8 please share!!! I promise to learn soon and get some posted!

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