Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fall Fun!

Well, Mike has been busy trucking. It's that "time of the year". Blaise and I have been hanging out- just the two of us since September 1. I think Blaise is starting to miss his daddy. He is so cute, when I call Mike on the cell phone, I"ll put it on speaker phone, and Blaise can see a picture of his dad on the screen. He will pick up the phone, and walk around holding it up to his ear, jabbering away non-stop talking to his dad. He will walk totally out of the room I'm in with him, and go sit on the steps and just talk to his dad. It melts my heart! I think he is really missing him though. Bedtimes have gotten a little hard, as my good little boy has started to cry again when I put him in bed. 

He has started to jabber more directly, and everyone and a while we will grab something from what he says, and are able to make sense of it.

We have been doing lots of stroller walks and keeping busy. We've spent a lot of time at the farm in Treynor, and grandma Donna has done some babysitting. We went last weekend and stocked up on fall clothes. I actually dug all of his summer clothes out of his dresser the other night, and restocked with fall and winter. He isn't sure what to think of shoes and socks, he tried to pull them off and slid around the slick floors in his socks. He also wasn't a very big fan of long shirts and pants.

We are getting all ready for River City Rodeo next week. We will be spending three nights in the hotel and Blaise will be going to the rodeo. Wish us luck! Hopefully Mike will make it down for the last night.

Here are some pictures to enjoy!  If anyone has a cute Halloween costume idea send it my way!!

 First Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cone
A new hair cut

 Going down the slide by myself.
Riding in the tractor with grandpa

 Mom and me
 Bathtub fun
The ball machine at Children's

Finally got to see my favorite nurse Jessica

 Climbing in my stroller the wrong way
 With my great Aunt Terri and Aunt Gail
 Mom and I had a dinner date at Applebee's
 Nightly stroller walks

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