Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July Then- July Now!

On July 12th- Blaise turned 15 months old! That day also marked one year since he was admitted to Children's Hospital for a month stay, including his second open heart surgery. I'm glad much of that month is blurred from my memory.

We are having one fantastic summer! If it's not evident by the lack of photos or blog posts, we are busy and having fun! As I'm downloading pictures tonight, I can't believe I haven't done this in almost three months!! I am starting to feel really guilty about how few pictures I've been taking since he turned one. Darnit! I hope I don't regret it some day!

Blaise loves anything to do with outdoors and water. He is a walking, crawling, climbing machine. He loves dogs, horses and cows. He knows the cow shed from about a half mile down the road and starts yelling with excitement. He also see's our neighbor kids from about half a block away if they are outside and starts yelling wanting out to play.

We've been having such an awesome summer! We went to Omaha for my birthday last weekend and took  Blaise to the Children's museum and he loved it! We went out to eat in the Old Market and did his fourth zoo stop for about an hour the next morning.  Blaise attends church regularly with us, and most times everyone there knows he is there too! He is a bit hard to keep quiet at times!

He did really well with the 4th and for the most part enjoyed fireworks. No tears and cries- he watched with open eyes. We met my parents for the Tekamah parade and he also really enjoyed that as well.

He is such, such a lover. He loves to cuddle,  give hugs and love pats. He is fairly sensitive and cries and sobs if he is told no. His big accomplishment is going to bed by himself without Mike and I rocking him to sleep downstairs first.

We love, love our big boy and thank God for him every single day.

 Ready for bed late May
 In my jammies early June
 Riding my doggy the wrong way early June
 Splashing in my swimsuit in the water table. Mid June

 Mid June
 Playing on my swing set with dad. Late June.

 At the Children's Museum early July

 Visiting grandma and grandpa Hartwell camping. Last weekend.

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