Monday, July 1, 2013

Appointment Update

I totally forgot to post this a few weeks ago- better late than never!

Blaise is spending the night at Grandpa and Grandma Sudmann's and Mike is trucking in Virginia, so I have the house all to myself for the first time since Blaise was born! I'm checking stuff off my to-do list, and amazingly have already found myself bored!  Hence a blog update!! I've gotten an update on how Blaise is doing, and it sounds like he has learned how to make the water come out and fill up a glass from the Culligan Water Cooler. I sure am glad we don't have one of those at our house!
At the ripe age of 14 moths old, Blaise's first tooth finally popped through! YAY! I've been told this means he will have healthy teeth ;)

Blaise had a developmental appointment at Children's this past Monday. He weighed in at 20 lbs 12 oz which is in the 27%, was 31 inches tall which is 63%. He absolutely hated it and screamed bloody murder during all of the taking of his statistics. His SAT was at 75 (normal adult heart is 100) and his heart rate was 150 (should be 100). Even though I'm a heart-mom, neither of these numbers worried me at all, and I kind of laughed at how terrible they were because I was impressed that they were actually that good with how hard he was screaming and crying! His visit with Dr. Hammel's PA Carmen went well and she thought he looked good. Phew- that was the most important part to me of the whole appointment. He did well in the psychology evaluation and liked playing with the toys they provided. Physical Therapy went fine, but he was more interested in crawling up the stairs than doing anything else they asked of him. His developmental doctor was pleased and put him right at the 11-12 month mark developmentally on everything. Right on target if you ask me.

While at Children's we snuck up to the 5th Floor to see which of our favorite nurses were working. We got to see a few of them, and they were all impressed with how Blaise was doing.

This past week Blaise's four cousins from Aberdeen were here visiting. This was his first real expereince getting to play with other kids. Let's just say he obvoiusly does not have experience in this area! He did pretty good, but we do have a hitter/scratcher on our hands if someone takes his toys or he gets mad. He was almost as content taking his toys to other room to play by himself.

I think I am understanding a few new words or sayings, even though the average person wouldn't be able to understand. He is saying bye-bye, yes, and I ALMOST think i've heard love you.

His other new trick is putting things in our dryer, or throwing them in the trash. I've found my phone in the dryer and one of our glasses in the trash!

We are love, love, love, loving Blaise!

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