Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cruising along!

It's hard to believe we are half-way through January! Wow, time has flown since Blaise was born! We are already starting to think about first birthday plans! Unbelievable! Blaise is cruising along- quite literally. He army crawls a lot these days. I'm not sure if we will ever get actual crawling figured out. His absolute favorite thing in the world is standing. He can now stand by himself as he leans over to play on one of his toys. Makes him look like such a big boy! He has his first owie last night when he was playing too hard and tipped over and bonked his head. A little bump and a little bruise later and he's no worse for the wear.

We were able to sneak out for a walk today since it was close to 50! He sure does love the change of scenery from being cooped up inside all day. The past few days he has become such a jabber box. Of course, just babble but he likes to "talk" non-stop. He is also doing MUCH better on eating baby puff cereal. Before, he would just gag on them, but he's actually started gumming/chewing them and eating them more easily now.  I'm probably going to jinx myself by typing this, but he is also sleeping much better at night. We almost always make it to 5 am before he is ready for a bottle!

He has his 9 month pediatrician appointment on Monday. He'll get more of his shots, (I believe the 4 or 6 month round, he is pretty far behind on these.) I'm anxious to see if he has gained any weight and caught up on the growth charts. My guess is no, but that's okay too.

Lately, I've been trying to teach him to crawl more, to say actual words and to clap. We will see which he conquers first! Here are some pictures to enjoy!

Cheering on the K State Wildcats during their bowl game
One year after we found out we would have a baby with half a heart!
Giddy Up! Riding my rocking horse
Sitting in my big boy chair, wearing my sperry shoes. 
I got this picture of Blaise blown up and I love it!
Checking out the snow for the first time.
 What is this stuff?!?!
Kendra baby sat me a few weeks during Christmas break, and my other friend Natalie is also baby sitting me a couple!
Bad picture- but first time in dad's semi! We went for a visit while he was cleaning it. 
Hoorah! It's my nine month birthday!

I was just lounging- this toy was a good spot to rest my leg. 
 Blurry picture- but my new bruise is on the right side of my head.

A winter walk!

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