Sunday, April 19, 2015


Time for some updates. I’m having a hard time recalling all that happened the last three months, so I’ll do my best to update the blog. Sutton, please forgive me someday for not being as detailed with your first year of life!  The kids had a sitter for New Yaers Eve and had a good time as Mike and I went out with friends. The first weekend in January we took Blaise to see Seasme Street Live. It was  a fun day of just Blaise and Mom and Dad. We took him to eat at Quaker Steak and Lube and he enjoyed all of the motorcycles. He did really good at Seasame Street and kept asking where Big Bird went- he was only on stage part of the time, it’s hard to dance with a neck that tall! He wanted a snow cone, so he got that, then wanted cotton candy and also got that. He also took home a giant elmo/grover balloon.

Sutton had her six month appointment in January. Dr Groppe thought she looked good and everything was good. She weighed in at XXX. And was XXX tall. She still does 8 ounce bottles every three hours. She gets up quite a bit at night, at least twice. I’ve been trying to give her the paci as much as possible and not nurse her. We decided that she is just going to be a little slow at all she does development wise and might skip the crawling phase. She just rolls from her stomach to her back. She also developed an ear infection in January, I could tell because she would be up all night long crying. After some amoxicilian she was on the mend.

Also in January the kids got a new cousin! Uncle Tyler and Aunt Danielle had a baby girl Willow. We made the six hour round-trip one Saturday in January to meet her. Overall, they were fairly un-interested but Blaise loved seeing their dog Tucker and cat Boots. It will be fun having the girls grow up together! The kids did very good in the car on the trip- little travelers!

Both kids got to celebrate their Uncle Adam and soon to be Aunt Shelly’s wedding at their couple shower in Treynor.

Blaise can successfully count from 1-10. Any trip to Treynor involves riding his pony Ginger.
We went to the Zoo on President’s Day with grandma Peg. The weather was gorgeous, the kids loved it and we had a good time seeing all of the new babies born at the zoo.

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