Thursday, October 30, 2014

Awesome October

Blaise had a pretty good cold for almost all of September. I'd taken him into the dr mid-month because I already thought it seemed like he had it awhile and couldn't kick it. They started him on amoxicillin. We made up a game where we stood by the bathroom sink and after he took his medicine he got to use the syringe to squirt water at the bathroom mirror. It worked getting to take his meds! At the end of ten days he started running a fever again so back to the dr and this time a stronger antibiotic. Still not much for improvement on the cold. After ten days again started running a fever again. This time I was in treynor so I took him to a children's urgent care. Finally after almost eight weeks with a terrible cold they prescribed a third antibiotic that helped kick it. At children's we learned that he still weighs around 27 lbs, he had an X-ray of his lungs and his oslxugen sats were around 82- not bad but I'd like to see higher. I'll blame it on his cold. 
He is now better and just got his flu shot this week. He did awesome just a few tears but was a super big boy!!

We've spent quite a few weekends in treynor in October and Blaise totally loves farming and helping with harvest. He will ride in the combine for hours, eat in it, nap in it etc. he definitely has farming in his blood and can tell you exactly about everything. We went to boo at the zoo one night and did a little trick or treating and Blaise got his face painted and did his first bounce house. We also went to halloween at bass pro shop. The kids and I went trick or treating on main st in Oakland. Blaise was a cho-cho Thomas the train. He told everyone what he and sutton were. Sutton was a clown wearing my first halloween costume I wore that my grandma c made me. Sutton was just two days younger than me wearing it. 

Blaise and I had dentist appointments and Blaise faired much much better than me. 

Sutton absolutely hates her car seat and screams the whole time she is in it. She still gets up around 3 and 6 at night. For awhile we thought she only turned her head one way but she is fine now. She screams during tummy time and Hayes it so we don't do it much. Her new thing is screeching/talking very loudly all the time, she brings her hands together and chews on them lots. We've also gotten her to giggle starting the middle of the month. Mike was home for two days and got her to really giggle the first time. 

Dad's home

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