Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sutton Renee

It's been a whirlwind past few days. We have lovingly welcomed our gift from God, daughter Sutton Renee into our family. She is perfect. I'll share the story as quickly as I can.

Wednesday I had my regular OB appointment. Mike and Blaise tagged along so we could go out to eat afterwards for a belated birthday supper for me. My birthday was Tuesday the 8th. Dr. Devries said all looked good at the appointment, checked me and said the head was very low and could cause uncomfortableness.  We met my mom and brother at Texas Roadhouse that night, and they took Blaise home with them so that he could spend the night and day Thursday at Grandpa and Grandma Sudmann's house- the last time before he was a big brother. I had a C-section scheduled for Tuesday July 15th at noon. At my appointment Dr. Devries also made a few comments that he was on call this weekend and he would see me Tuesday for the C-section if not before. I kindly told him I'd see him Tuesday. Thursday I came home from  work and the plan was to head to the Blair/ Mo Valley area to meet my parents and get Blaise back. I got home from work and felt kind of miserable. I cried to Mike that there was no way I was going to make it until Tuesday and I was going to call into work and say I couldn't come in on Friday or Monday. I had gone to the bathroom, but kept thinking I was wetting my pants. I never had a big pop or gush of water like my water was breaking. I figured the head was low enough I was having bladder control problems. I called into Dr. Devries and he agreed telling me to just watch it for awhile. Well, it kept happening. It was after-hours by now and I called the nurse hot line and they suggested coming into the hospital to have it checked out. Mike and I decided to do this since we kind of had to go to Omaha anyway to get Blaise. The whole way in I was convinced I was just wetting my pants and that my water hadn't broken. We got to the hospital and yes, my water had broke and I was in labor.  They called Dr. Devries and he said he would be there in 45 minutes to do the C-section.

All went well with the C-section. When the doctor held up the baby to Mike and said "what is it" Mike responded with oh s#$%, and I said it must be a girl!  Sutton weighed 6 lbs 6 ounces and was 19 1/2 inches long and was born at 9:02 p.m. We both did well through the whole thing.

The next day Blaise got to meet his new sister and he loved her right away giving hugs and kisses and could say her name and sister very well.

To make things even more exciting my sister Jenna had her baby less than 36 hours later, on Saturday, a little boy named Everett William. Her water also broke. Crazy that we were due 3 days apart and we both had our water break two weeks early and they ended up so close together!

We are adjusting quite well at home. She had a follow up appointment on Monday at her pedi and had gained back 2 ounces of the birth weight she lost. She is a very easy-going relaxed baby that sleeps ninety percent of the time. Blaise is doing okay adjusting, he wants to help with everything related to the baby, refers to the baby as a puppy or monkey when asked, and does not want mom or dad to leave his side. He is pretty clingy.

Sutton had a little bit of jaundice right after birth, but after having her blood tested on Monday, they have decided she is doing fine. She is also having trouble regulating her body temp, as it is always low- running in the 97 or lower range. We have kept her bundled up like an eskimo with hats and multiple blankets.  Today after checking her temp, it was at 96.6 again, so the pedi requested we got o Fremont hospital for blood tests. We just heard they came back normal! Praise the Lord! We are just working on getting her to stay awake for longer than 15 minutes during feeding. 

Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes!
Almost time
 Its a girl

 Welcome to the world
 Holding my baby girl for the first time
 First bath
 Blaise meeting Sutton for the first time

 Our family

 Time to head home

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