Tuesday, April 16, 2013


What a big, big weekend Blaise had!  He turned ONE on Friday, April 12th!  The day kicked off by Grandpa Craig coming up to replace our screen door, and Grandma Donna and Aunt Jenna heading up to help mom and dad get ready for the party. We spend most of Friday cleaning and prepping for the party.

Saturday was a great day, and we had lots of family and friends come to our house to celebrate. Blaise did absolutely amazing the whole entire night. If I ever dreampt of how a first birthday should be, this was exactly it.

Blaise smiled his biggest smiles and loved getting sung happy birthday to. He was curious about the birthday candle. He ate his cake very carefully, pinching it piece by piece with his left hand and sticking it in his mouth. This is exactly how he eats his other food, so I should expect no diffrent!

He enjoyed opening presents and really got into ripping of the paper. I think he would have done the whole present himself if we would have had all night. He was particular to not miss any pieces. 

He got lots of fun toys, and loved getting on his new rides and testing each of them out. He of course had everyone's attention in the palm of his hand all night, and was such a sweet, sweet, sweet boy.

The theme was Monster Mash Birthday Bash, and the decorations and cake all reflect that. He's the light of our life! I absolutely cannot believe he is one!

Sunday the 14th marked one year since his first open heart surgery. Unbelieveable. Monday we made a trip to Children's to meet with the feeding team and they gave some feedback to hopefully improve his eating.
Tonight, he had his one-year appointment at the pediatrician, and he unfortunately lost about 8 oz in the last two weeks. We are aggressively trying to reintroduce fortified formula in his whole milk and fatten him up with any sort of meat, or other food that can pack on the calories. Bring on the

chocolate cake and ice cream for this kid!  Extra prayers for continued weight gain and eating improvement are welcomed!

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  1. I can't believe Blaise is already a year old! I will never forget taking care of Blaise when you moved up to 5th floor after his first heart surgery (room 515, I think?!)--he is such a fighter and an inspiration, and could not be any cuter! I took care of lots of babies and kiddos at Children's, but Blaise will forever be one of my favorites :) So glad to see how well he is doing. You are always in my prayers!

    Nurse Cassie, 5th floor :)
    Cassie Fuhs