Saturday, December 29, 2012

So this is Christmas!

We survived Blaise's First Christmas! It was so much fun! We love getting so many Christmas cards and photos from friends and family this time of year, it helps us keep up on what is going on in everyone's lives. We even got our white Christmas, I'm not sure the last time I remember that happening!

On the Friday before Christmas, Mike, Blaise and I went to Grandma and Grandpa Sudmann's and Santa and Mrs. Clause showed up!!  We were all at the kitchen table when they walked in and Blaise did okay for about the first three minutes. It went downhill from there! HA! He had the typical reaction- he cried and whinned almost the whole time they were there! It was so funny, he would do okay for a second, than as soon as he looked back at Santa- more tears. We did get a few photos of him actually sitting on their lap.

Blaise stayed home with Grandpa Craig on Christmas Eve, while the rest of us all went to Christmas Eve Mass. The rest of the family came over for dinner that night, and Blaise decided to be the constant entertainer. As soon as their is a group of people- he turns it on and lights up and is a constant talker and laugher. I'm not sure who he gets that from! Christmas morning Santa came, and Blaise made out like a bandit! Good thing we brought the pickup! He did very good at opening presents, and really got into ripping off the paper. Of course- that was his favorite gift of all- the wrapping paper!!!

We celebrated Christmas with the Hartwell's at Grandma and Grandpa Hartwell's on Thursday night. This time, when opening his presents he actually got excited when he saw what it was! So much fun!

He is very determined and tries very hard to crawl, however has mastered the face plant very well! He gets his butt all the way up in the air, and uses his shoulders instead of his arms at this point. He will get it very soon I'm sure.

His new trick is scrunching up his nose and snorting. I have no clue where he learned this at, but it's on repeat right now!

We are so excited for 2013. 2012 brought us overwhelming joy and sadness, hope and despair. We are hoping for a very, very uneventful 2013!!

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