Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Heart Day!

Happy Valentines Day! This year has an additional meaning for us since it is also congenital heart disease awareness week! We have a very special valentine with a special heart that we are sending lots of love to!
I had a regular appointment with my ob last wednesday and heard the baby's heartbeat. I also did my glucose test. Dr. De Vries called today to say I failed the one hour, so back I go on Monday for the three hour. He also told me I didn't pass the hemoglobin one meaning I'm low in iron. He started me on an iron pill. For those of you who have known me forever, I have never been able to swallow pills! Needless to say these look like horse pills to me, but I've gotten much better at taking all sorts of pills the last fee months!
I also started having ob appointments every two weeks now. Can't wait until next Wednesday when we have an ultrasound. We will let you know how it goes!! We have our all day "baby class' on Saturday at Methodist. I'm sure Michael will be more than entertained.
Thanks again for all your prayers! We are so grateful!

Do not be afraid of tomorrow for God is already there!
A few weeks ago, but about 29 weeks!

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  1. Ok, the pill thing made me laugh. :) Been thinking about you lots. Hope things go well with the test on Monday!!